We'll Meet Again

This is the final entry in my "This Moment In Time" blog series.  We'll Meet Again is an old standard from the World War II era that offers a romantically hopeful message of reunion.  For a season, while on tour with Engelbert, this was the encore song, done in a big band style.

For those of you who may have only downloaded this track, I hope you don't feel cheated as it's only 95 seconds in length.  My musical intent of recording this track was two fold: one as a tip of the hat to when the show would conclude with this song, and in much the same way, conclude the album, secondly, I wanted to offer a short, intimate and hopeful statement that we will meet again.

Thank you everyone for following along with this, my first blog series, these last several months.  I hope you have enjoyed this personal perspective into "This Moment In Time".  It has been such a delight sharing about all of these tracks and I hope that it has personalized each song and the album a bit more.


Thank you and check back soon for my next blog series : - )