Since the release of "This Moment In Time", I have received typically two responses from this track, one dealing with the title and the other with the quality of the composition.  

I wrote this tune while preparing for my "Closer Than You Think" CD release shows in New York back in November of 2009.  The album had already been released in August and recorded in March, with compositions originating from months to years prior.  So despite being a CD release concert, I was anxious to compose new material.  And by this moment in time (haha), I had already decided to move to NY.  The working title I had for the composition was simply "New York Tune" and besides the city, the inspiration behind the song was the voice of a dear friend, Gregory Clark, who sang at my NY shows.  

The opening melodic interval is a fifth going from B up to F# and back down to B with a harmonic sequence of G-C#7sus-Cmaj7.  I love the piano, but one of its handicaps is the inability to slide up and down between notes like a guitar, cello or the human voice.  When composing the piece, I simple sang the opening interval over the chord progression with a sliding, almost yawning, falsetto approach.  This range and effect played right into Greg's vocal talents. 

As you might have read on earlier blog entries, the concept of "This Moment In Time" came to me in February of 2012 and from the strong encouragement of music professionals and friends, I decided to include originals.  This tune came to mind and so did Greg's voice.  On the 20th of March, Greg suffered a sudden heart attack and died at the young age of 44.   Anyone who knew Greg, instantly fell in love with him, even if you couldn't stand him.  He had two professional "nicknames" per se, "Big Voice" and "Gregarious" and both could not be more fitting.  His voice, his personality, his opinions, and most importantly, his heart were huge!  This man was the voice in NY, with too many credits to list.  His last gig being a vocalist and vocal contractor for the television show "Smash".  I owe many of the connections I have made in NY to Gregory.  He introduced me to so many people, he let me stay at his apartment, he helped me decorate my place, he encouraged me and validated me when he had no reason to and in my New York "green-ness", had not earned.  

There are never enough words when you lose someone.  I knew him for only a few years, but miss him every day.  I cannot imagine the ones who knew him longer or for a lifetime.  As an offering to Gregory Clark, to always remember him and to celebrate who he was and who he still is in the lives he has touched, I give you "Gregarious".