This Is My Song

Track 8, "This Is My Song", is one of my favorite Engelbert Humperdinck recordings.  Composed by Charlie Chaplin, the song is driven by such a natural melody and sincere lyric.  (On a side note, Chaplin also composed the standard "Smile", another absolute favorite of mine.  What a talent!)

(chorus lyric)

"So love, this is my song, here is a song, a serenade to you".

I love the use of musical references in the lyric to express the emotion of the story.  And Engelbert's classic recording off of his debut 1967 Release Me album is timeless, ending the song with arguably an operatic sustained high G.  

The song is in a triple meter and so I decided to play with that a bit and interpret it in more of a soulful 3 feel...(think Aretha Franklin's "Natural Woman").  I did try to stay true to the rubato intro of Engelbert's introduction with it's "Floyd Cramer" type piano licks, but then go into the soulful/gospel 3/4 feel on the chorus.  

Whenever I play this song, be it for Engelbert or on my own gig, there is something prideful and empowering about playing a tune entitled "This Is My Song".  One of the greatest rewards of being a musician is sharing your "voice" and having who you are reflect in your music, and I feel that every time I play this composition.  

Enjoy this timeless composition.