A Man Without Love

Track six on the album is "A Man Without Love".  Originally an Italian composition entitled "Quando M'innamoro", I discovered from my mother over Christmas, (when I returned home and shared the album with family), that it was also a hit in Spanish under the title "Cuando Me Enamoro", which translates verbatim from the Italian, "When I Fall In Love".  Engelbert made the English translation, (A Man Without Love), a hit on his 1968 album release under the same title.  

I find it kind of funny that the English translation takes a different perspective; "A Man Without Love" versus the Italian and Spanish, "When I Fall In Love". One arguably pessimistic or matter-of-fact and the other optimistic or hopeful.  With Italian and Spanish cultures being Latin-based, maybe it's a reflection on views towards love as compared to Anglo cultures...(just a theory).

Regardless on how you view it, there is no arguing that it is a classic and infectious melody. Engelbert's recording has an identifiable nylon guitar line at the introduction and again after the first chorus.  I reference it, but in a simpler manner.  (Originally a 16th note pattern, I play it as an 8th note motif). This creates a flowing, half-time feel.  Musically, you may say it's a hybrid of a classical sonatina style fused with a Coldplay (or other modern day piano-based pop/rock band) approach.  

Returning to the title, maybe next time I play this song at an Englebert concert, I might focus more on the Italian or Spanish lyric.  This may help facilitate my mother's plea to finally meet a nice Latin girl ; - )