Two Different Worlds

Track five on the album, Two Different Worlds, is a 1956 Al Frisch composition recorded by Humperdinck on his 1967 album, The Last Waltz.  Much like The Hungry Years, this particular song left a strong musical impression on me.  And also like my interpretation of The Hungry Years, I chose not to stray too far from the original arrangement as compared to some of the other selections.  

Musically, I love the introduction on Engelbert's recording.  There is this sensation of suspension or floating on clouds created by celeste or vibes and a choir.  I wanted to capture that sensation on solo piano and decided to simply strike the first chord and then recreate that floating feeling with the melody and the counter line underneath played in single notes.  But throughout the intro, you still hear the faint presence of that initial chord.  

Coincidentally, when I was introduced to this song a few years ago, I was in a long distance relationship.  So needless to say, I felt a personal connection to the story.  The lyric speaks of a figurative distance that could be interpreted as any number of things and in my case, I definitely felt that, but that feeling was also coupled with a literal distance of a few thousand miles.  The song possesses a conquering theme with lyrics like "nothing matters if I am yours and you are mine", but in my heart, the truth of the second line was too strong... "we live in two different worlds".  

This was not intentional, but I suppose fitting.  The following song on the album reveals the outcome of my "Two Different Worlds" love affair.