Outside My Window

"Outside My Window" is the first of three originals included on the album.  This song has two stories.  I wrote it shortly after my move to New York.  One afternoon, I found myself staring out the window of my East Village apartment wondering what awaited me in such an overwhelming city.  

Musically, the piece is divided into two sections.  The "A" section is comprised of two pairs of questions and answers over two different chords.  The "B" section rises to a melodic peak and descends slowly three times with the third time being the most intense as the bass line climbs in a contrary motion.  (Sorry for all the "shop-talk", but I feel the musical contour of the piece directly reflects the personal story).  The melody, phrasing, shape, and the simple and then more complex harmonies parallel the questioning, anxiety and goal of "cadence" in my life two years ago.

About a year after conceiving this melody, I reconnected with a friend in New York.  We met for lunch in Union Square and caught up on life.  He had been using his creative talents and giving heart towards a wonderful non-profit organization in NYC called Resources for Children with Special Needs.  He shared with me a short film that they were producing for an upcoming fundraiser gala in the city hosted by Mayor Bloomberg.  I reminded him of my film scoring studies at NYU and collection of original works.  

I am not a father and I cannot imagine the responsibilities of parenthood, much less the weight of being a parent in New York City with a special needs child, but as I tried to imagine and reflect on friends who could relate to such a situation, I began to think that the theme should not rest on pity, but instead on empowerment.  When revisiting compositions of mine, I felt this piece carried a gentle strength behind it that in a humble way paralleled the lives of such families.  

There is no greater musical reward than to know a creation of yours is touching the lives of others, and I have been blessed over my career to have experienced that joy time and time again.  I thank RCSN for allowing my music to be associated with their noble cause and I encourage you to visit their website to read more about the countless ways they touch families in NYC.  And beyond that, I challenge you to seek out ways to touch the lives of others outside "your" window.

(you can find the video that I scored on their homepage).