Album Blog Introduction...

So I am beginning a 12 part series/blog on my latest album, THIS MOMENT IN TIME.  I will be addressing each tune individually; writing about the inspiration, story, musical influence and whatever else comes to mind or fits the tune.  

My request, (if you haven't already) is to download the entire album or buy/order the CD to follow along tune by tune.  But for those of you too afraid of commitment (pot calling the kettle black), I guess you can just download 1 tune at a time at 99¢ a pop.  (But in this economic climate, downloading the entire album is far more fiscally prudent).  

It feels only apropos starting this blog on the eve of my NY, CA, and TX album release tour.  So this serves as your heads up to go ahead and download the album or cue up the CD you already bought as I start blogging tomorrow!!!

See you on the internets : - )