This Moment In Time

So January of last year, I was on a recording session at Yellow Sound Lab Studios in the East Village in Manhattan.  Just the week prior, I had received a call from Engelbert Humperdinck's management to return to the tour as musical director for the 2012 World Tour.  So during a recording break at the studio, I decided to brush up on some EH tunes, and the first song that came to mind was his hit, This Moment In Time.  

I placed my phone next to the piano and recorded a short little video. I will confess that I took some interpretive licence with the melody and harmonies, partly for artistic reasons and also because of simply being a little rusty on that tune.  

That little musical snapshot was not perfection by any means, but it instantly turned on a switch in my mind and heart to record a collection of Engelbert tunes.  The title could not have been more "apropos" as I found myself entering my second year in New York City, 1 week into the age of 35 and simply full of anxiety about my future professionally and personally.

Musically, my approach leaned on the side of jazz with possibly some Bill Evans-type colors, but also a sense of minimalism and plenty of room for the melody.  

I then began brainstorming which songs from his vast catalogue to record, then I was considering production ideas, (band, solo, vocals...etc), and then where to record.  Then there was of course the legal and logistical side of such a project.  After sorting through all of that, it made the most sense to return to my neighborhood studio, Yellow Sound Lab, and to the comfort of that Yamaha grand.  

(Below is link to the videos on my Facebook Fan Page...The one titled "This Moment In Time" is the video I shot at the studio last year from my phone).

Enjoy This Moment In Time...

See you next week ; - )